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Flower Essences vs. Essential Oils

We get asked all the time, 'what is the difference between flower essences and essential oils?' In hopes of making it both easy and simple, we've created the following breakdown...  Flower Essences Ingested orally - either dropped directly in the mouth or into a glass of water Applied topically (test a small area of skin first to ensure no irritation) - to the meridian points Can be added to a bath or dropped onto your pillow before sleep Works on the emotional body and primarily supports mental and emotional healing Leverages a flower or plant's healing properties via its vibration and frequency Essential Oils Used topically (most oils require dilution before applying to the skin) Occassionaly ingested (when done so under...

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Thriving With Elissa Goodman & Co

The weekend before Memorial Day, I spent Saturday afternoon tucked into a gorgeous crevice of Los Angeles' Mandeville Canyon with a host of inspiring souls. I had the pleasure of participating in a wellness event alongside an incredible cast of healers and experts. Elissa Goodman lead the event and assembled the day's teachers from friends new (me) and old. A nutritionist and cleanse expert, her knowledge of clean eating and how to maximize gut health (which is hugely responsible for everything from skin to mental health) is staggering. She's also a mastermind in the kitchen when it comes to lick-the-plate delicious dishes that are shockingly healthy. Goodman included Guided By Light healer Alessandro Gianneti who blew us away with his piercing perceptivity and moving guided...

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HOW TO: Making Flower Essences With Rip & Tan

I'm a big fan of Jenni Kayne's gorgeous, eponymous fashion line, so it was an absolute pleasure to teach Jenni and a few friends how to make their own Hibiscus PASSION essence. We snacked on homemade hibiscus tea and hibiscus chocolates that I cooked up - proving there are many ways to work with and enjoy this incredible flower. For more, check out Jenni's blog, Rip & Tan.

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