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Thriving With Elissa Goodman & Co

Posted by Alisa Gould-Simon on

The weekend before Memorial Day, I spent Saturday afternoon tucked into a gorgeous crevice of Los Angeles' Mandeville Canyon with a host of inspiring souls. I had the pleasure of participating in a wellness event alongside an incredible cast of healers and experts. Elissa Goodman lead the event and assembled the day's teachers from friends new (me) and old. A nutritionist and cleanse expert, her knowledge of clean eating and how to maximize gut health (which is hugely responsible for everything from skin to mental health) is staggering. She's also a mastermind in the kitchen when it comes to lick-the-plate delicious dishes that are shockingly healthy.

Goodman included Guided By Light healer Alessandro Gianneti who blew us away with his piercing perceptivity and moving guided meditations. Joe Kara, an extremely gifted yoga teacher, lead a series of restorative poses underneath the afternoon sun which put everyone into a state of pure bliss. It was a gift to be able to share Flora Luna's botanical remedies with the group and to shed more light on the practice of making and using flower essences. A big thanks to Julie and Candice from Birds of a Feather, our fearless organizers, without whom the day would never have assembled in such a magical way.

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