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Our Story

Flora Luna was born from the passion of its founder, Alisa Gould-Simon, for nature's magic and its unparalleled ability to heal.

Alisa has since studied the use of medicinal plants in Southeast Asia and the rainforests of Costa Rica and the Amazon. She became a certified herbalist after training with Vermont's Gaia School of Healing and has also trained as a guide with Way of Nature. She incorporates herbalism and energetic healing traditions into the formulation and creation of Flora Luna's healing remedies.

Flora Luna's essences are handcrafted exclusively during a full moon, allowing them to absorb a full moon cycle as well as a sun cycle, packing each essence with celestial balance. These potions help support mental and emotional harmony. Flora Luna is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients: Flora Luna's essences are made exclusively with wild or organic flowers and are always preserved solely with certified organic brandy.

Flora Luna is dedicated to giving back to the earth that sustains us. 10% of Flora Luna's proceeds from each and every purchase go to Jungle Mamas, an organization which supports women's health and well-being among tribes living in the Amazonian Rainforest. Jungle Mamas is a program and initiative conceived by the Pachamama Alliance, an organization with a long history of supporting Indigenous peoples protection in the Ecuadorian Amazon.