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IN PERSON CLASS: Creativity Boosting Plants & Practices // Sunday, AUG. 14


Whether you are looking to birth new life in the form of a child, a business or an artistic endeavor, harnessing our creative power is key. Learn to boost creativity with plant allies and proven practices culled from modern science and myriad traditional medical systems. Specifically, go home:

-Knowing your constitution and what role the fire element plays for you (as well as why elemental frameworks have been used in medical systems around the world for millennia)

-Understanding the role of the 6th and chakra with regard to creativity and how to stimulate and nourish it

-Familiar with the daily, monthly, and seasonal cycles that can help us boost creativity

-Aware of the role that play and boredom play in creativity

-Familiar with key herbs that support creativity

-Parting with 2 ounces of a custom From Within CREATE tea to support creativity

DAY/TIME: Sunday, August 14th, 2-4pm

LOCATION: Venice, CA (address shared upon class purchase)

SIZE: Attendees will be capped at 8 to encourage safety and maximum attention.

COVID-SAFETY: Class will be held exclusively outside and will practice distancing.