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Feeling: Transformation, Alignment, Surrender

Action: Letting go of what is no longer needed. This blend is supportive during times of transition and transformation. Release of what is no longer serving us, however painful, is necessary to make room for what is waiting to arrive.

The crown connects us to our highest self, allowing for heightened awareness to guide us. 

Chakra: Crown

Affirmation: I am transformed.

DIRECTIONS: Ingest 5 drops, 5 times a day for at least 10 days. Drop directly in the mouth or add a dropper full to tea or water. This essence can also be applied directly on the body, in a bath, or on your pillowcase.
INGREDIENTS: Filtered Water, Organic Brandy* (27%), Essences of Angel's Trumpet, Pride of Madeira and Labradorite.
*Infused with organic Blue Lotus
Please consult a health professional before using if pregnant or breast feeding.