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This orchid essence was made under the full Supermoon in Cancer on December 31, 2017 outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Action: Unconditional love embodied.

Connected to the sacral chakra and a powerful feminine energy (best embodied by the Hindu goddess Kali), this essence serves to remind us of the source of unconditional love that lies within each of us.

The energy of this essence is grounded, sensual and creative. It can support men and women alike, as both genders embody both masculine and feminine attributes and we must hold both in balance.

Ripe with maternal energy, both in her unconditional love and her fertility for bringing new ideas and new life into being, this essence supports us in mothering ourselves through new stages of growth and expansion.

Chakra: Sacral

Affirmation: I am loved and supported.


What our community is saying:

"I introduced Flora Luna Essences to my daily life at a time when I was going through a lot of transition and uncertainty. I am typically one on the more conservative side of the spectrum when it comes to holistic remedies, so flower essences were something unknown to me. When I heard Alisa (Flora Luna's Founder) speak in depth about her essences, the philosophy behind them and her own experiences with the practice, I was curious and ultimately convinced of their potency. I incorporated a mix of RELEASE, CLARITY and PASSION into my daily regimen and never looked back. The effects of flower essences are subtle but very powerful and I find myself wishing I had discovered them sooner!"
-Dominique, Venice, CA
"I'm as skeptical as anyone, but when I'm feeling anxious and take Flora Luna's essences I feel an immediate difference. Plus, good things have happened when I take them--even the first time I took them."
-Eviana, New York City, NY
"Flora Luna has me hooked on flower essences. As a tarot reader, I use them with clients. As a human in need of healing, I use them for a pick me up. As a fun people person, I use them to brighten up parties. Everyone I have introduced them to gets hooked."
-Angie, Los Angeles, CA